Mr G and his enormous cucumber

Mr G and his enormous cucumber Edit Blog Entry

Mr G served in the second world war, is a stalwart of the community, and I am convinced he invented the double-entendre. His mind is way more agile than his body, but nontheless he’s still a keen gardener and we have had many produce-related banters in the past.

My husband announced last night that Mr G had a cucumber for me, and we decided to cycle down to collect it, calling in for chips on the way home. I dug out the rucksack and off we went.

Spotting Mr G at the bottom of his garden, I hollered “Mr G – show us your enormous cucumber!” With a cheeky smile, he ushered me into the lean-to and proudly presented me with… two cucumber plants. For some reason I was expecting the finished article

The logistics of carrying two plants and a bag of chips on a bicycle soon became apparent, so the plants went into the side pocket. What a sight I must have looked cycling up the high street with two plants trailing behind.

Before we left Mr G’s, I heard a phrase I will probably never hear again in my life. Mrs G joined us in the garden, and talk turned from vegetables to vets. Out of the blue, Mrs G announced, “my doctor should have been a vet… he’s a bit heavy handed!” The mind boggles….