My book

I know, I know… I’ve been a bit quiet of late. Truth is, the garden is ticking along marvellously, and I’ve just been so busy… but more about that, later 🙂

A while ago I published a post all about a fairy tale. It was a jolly little story about broken trust and betrayal, written in the style of an Enid Blyton tale. Just after, I received a message saying my tblog was being investigated. Slightly puzzled, I contacted the bods up top, and that investigation still remains a mystery – it didn’t exist.

I also received another message, which was MUCH more exciting. Apparently somebody liked my style of writing – it’s quite in fashion these days. Anyway, long story short, they wanted me to share my story in much the same tone. I agreed, and I’ve only gone and got myself a book deal!

Watch this space… not sure when it will be out, as apparently publishing can be a bit of a process (hark at me, talking like an author!)

Excited is not the word 🙂


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