Whoopee! Great news!

The kale seeds only went in the propagator on Sunday, and THEY ARE GERMINATING! We absolutely love kale, and get through bags of the stuff… to be able to pick straight from the plot will be an absolute treat.

I can’t express how excited I am to be growing stuff again.  Spring is most definitely just around the corner, as the mornings and evenings are growing gradually lighter – I love this time of year, as it seems to tingle with anticipation of the start of a new season.

We just need the pear tomatoes to pop up their little heads now… I will be watching them intently!

Kale seedlings

Kale seedlings


3 thoughts on “Kale

  1. Well done. Nice to grow stuff. Being related to Morticia Addams, I don’t grow things too well. I was told that Ivy Geranium was hard to kill. It was – it took two whole weeks of nursing, caring and watering before it keeled over and died. The Mandevillia are still alive as are the two Frangipani. Both are flowering well – so far

    • Ha ha… we’re lucky with the garden as it has great drainage and brilliant soil – it used to be a farm back in the 1870s, before the house was built on the site. We can pretty much put anything in and it has a fair chance.

      Hope I haven’t jinxed anything now with that wild statement! 🙂

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