The stalker

Apparently, I have a stalker.

I know this, as they sent me an anonymous text telling me as much.

This charming individual called me a ‘dumb bitch’ and proceeded to inform me that they watched all my social media accounts and reported back to certain people. They added that I could never trace them as they used different sim cards.

At first I was slightly amused. Then I was slightly on edge. I even contemplated finishing this blog – but I love wittering away on here, and there are so many plans afoot for the garden this year, I have to have somewhere to log it all.

Whoever this person is, they must have a pretty sad life to find my ramblings so intriguing. So here’s a message for them:

Watch away… knock yourself out… I refuse to stop doing something I love because of a pathetic little bully.

Chooks is back… and she’s grown a pair 🙂


One thought on “The stalker

  1. Firstly: good – tell them (HIM/HER) to go to Hell and get on with your life. Secondly I didn’t know you could send an anonymous text. I mean here in Australia you can’t just walk into a shop and buy a phone – you have to show photo identification – heck you can’t buy a SIM card without identification. Anyway, you’re doing the right thing – a bully is pathetic.

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