Anyone there?….

OK. I have massively neglected the blog, and it’s been an AGE since I popped in for an update. So to all you followers who have moved on, I bid you farewell and hope you have a good life… but for all you stragglers that are still here, I welcome you with open arms, and kiss you virtually on both cheeks.

A new project is underway at Chook Cottage. And if you are into recycling/upcycling/using stuff that was heading for the bin, this will be right up your street.

I’m laying decking. Oh yes… with my collection of four saws and a workbench in the shed – complete with goggles – I’m turning my hand to man-tasks. Actually, slight elaboration of the truth. I have a willing man in tow who is helping with said man-task.

Outside the back door is a small patio with a couple of steps down to the garden – all adorned with some shabby slabs and wonky concrete at the moment. It looks fine with pots on it, but how much better will it look when it’s all kitted out with glorious decking!

The patio now

The patio now

Now here’s the magic bit. The decking will cover quite an area, but will be virtually free. Yes… FREE!

A while back I was gifted a trailer full of wood to chop up for my fire and log burner. Some of this was brilliant quality hardwood, having come out of an old attic conversion. We have used lengths of this to start constructing the wooden base for the decking to attach to.

The actual decking itself is coming from my new chap’s garden. He is in the process of having his decking completely relaid as it’s a few years old and basically looks a bit sad. So last weekend was spent merrily pulling up all the planks from his garden… and these will be moved to my garden in due course to be laid and stained. I can picture it now… upcycling at its very best!

I’ll be back with regular progress reports šŸ™‚



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