All change at Chook Cottage

Well, well, well – we’ve had a busy old time of it, here at Chook Cottage. So much so, there’s been barely time to put pen to paper, or indeed, fingers to keyboard…

The first big change is that we should purely be called ‘Cottage’ from now. The chooks are no more. Looking out on the garden a week or so back, I decided to re-home Liza and Judy, the faithful old chickens. The garden isn’t ideal for them to roam free, and they tend to trash any areas they are on rather rapidly, so I put a few feelers out and they’ve now gone off to a lovely new place with lots more chickens for company. The patch they were on would also make an ideal little vegetable plot: lovely and fertile, and close to the house. I’d originally planned to grow a few vegetables in amongst the borders, but this has failed dismally. The flower seeds planted at the beginning of the season have literally burst into life, and hence tended to smother anything in their path.

On the upside though, all the new flowers and foliage appear to have attracted insects into the garden, so we now have a thriving population of bees and ladybirds. The ladybirds are keeping the greenfly at bay, so I’m delighted to say that it’s a win, win all round.

The next change is that the little patio at the end of the garden now has seating, so we can enjoy the last rays of the sun. The first plan was to put a little bistro set on there, but I figured if you moved your chair back and fell off the edge, it could all end in disaster. So I plumped for a sturdier option: a wooden love seat – two chairs with a table attached between. This was ordered online and arrived the very next day, so without further ado I whizzed off down the garden to assemble it. After a couple of hours wrestling with numerous bits of wood, random screws and allen keys, it’s now in situ and we’re looking forward to many summer evenings out there.

I’ve also decided to install an arch at the top of the garden to frame the entrance, which should be delivered any time soon.

With the new design in mind, this weekend was spent humping slabs about and defining the borders ready for the new arch and vegetable patch. After a sweaty old afternoon digging and raking the area, a quick rummage in my seed collection produced several varieties of carrots and beetroot, some mixed salad leaves, radish, fennel and celeriac. I’ve never eaten celeriac in my life, but if they do grow, I’m sure I’ll find a good use for them.

So now, with the hard work over, it’s time to sit back and watch the fruits of my labour. Preferably with a glass of something yummy. The only big dilemma is which patio do I sit upon?

Garden patio with love seat

Garden patio with love seat


5 thoughts on “All change at Chook Cottage

  1. Sorry to hear about the chickens – you’ll just have to get used to buying eggs like the rest of us common herd :0) The garden in looking good, which is much more than I can say for my disaster area. It’s early winter here and thus far it’s done nothing but rain – which is great for the weeds. I have one area completed and I’ll start on another area soon. I haven’t done much since Christmas as I have been ill and am only starting to recover. Everything I try on the weeds never works and sometimes I think the so called weed killer is a bit of a joke and they love it and thrive on it. Anyway, glad you are really getting settled in to your new abode.

    • Thanks – weeds are the bane of our lives too – but the wild flowers seem to be creating some ground cover and smothering some of them out. The wild flowers were simply some mixed boxes of seeds that I sprinkled and they have come up a treat… plan for the end of the year is to save as many seeds as possible and do the same for next year – just with slightly bigger borders.

      I have to say I’m pleased with the progress so far – the garden last year was just a lawn and a path, and to see it all taking shape is lovely 🙂

      Sorry to hear you’ve been ill x

  2. This was the last post in months. I never wrote anything because I knew you were adjusting to a different lifestyle. However having just read about a friend who had some serious trouble and went off line for a while, I thought about you and your change in life. I hope everything is well with you and I hope you will come back sometime – just to let us know that everything is ok

    • All good here… just not as much to write about with the new garden. I’ve not bothered with as many vegetables, as we live two minutes from the market – so the garden is taking shape with old fashioned cottage garden plants. The highlight of this week was a massive trailer full of wood delivered yesterday – which I now need to chop up with my new circular saw. But it should keep us warm and toasty through the winter 🙂

    • I just realised I didn’t reply to this post – which was very remiss…
      Thank you for your concern – it really means a lot. The last couple of years were’nt really on the life agenda, but hey ho, things happen. And things are great now – some new projects and the garden is really starting to fill out and take shape 🙂

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