Not quite gardening, but the start of a new era

So, I started this blog about the garden, thinking I was going to bring you tales from the veg patch, cataloging both the successes and the failures. I thought I was smug and married, and about to stay that way for a good while to come. But other plans were afoot.

Married for 23 years, no way were we swinging from chandeliers or jumping off wardrobes (who is?), but I thought we had it good. We were a great team, fab parents to our kids, and always up for a new adventures and holidays. So yes,  I thought life held great promises, and this is how it would be into our twilight years. With the finances all in order, I honestly thought we were coming into ‘our time’, where we’d be off on some wild adventures; travelling the world and sampling new cultures.

Seems we had let things slip without us knowing. Seems other half wanted more, but couldn’t or wouldn’t tell me that. The person I thought was my best friend for as long as I can remember omitted to tell me that he felt invisible in his own home and that things between us had been ‘lacking for a while’.

I did not see that coming at all…


4 thoughts on “Not quite gardening, but the start of a new era

  1. No much of the time we do not see these things coming until they hit us. However, it came and you are dealing with it. Last time you “Vanished”I wrote to you, but I decided not to this time because I knew you had much to deal with without me adding to your stress levels. It’s sad, no doubt about that, but I think you’ll get through it. You have us on line to talk to.

    • Thank you 🙂 it’s all different but I’m made of the strong stuff x
      The garden’s smaller now so don’t be alarmed if I vanish – may start blogging on the big plans for the house instead 🙂

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