Brandy mashed squash

Sweet dumpling squash and cumin on roasting tray

Sweet dumpling squash and cumin on roasting tray

Just a quickie (oooerr Missus!) this morning.

Since I made soup with my sweet dumpling squash, I’ve been looking around for other ways of transforming them into culinary delights. Woman cannot live on soup alone…

Yesterday, I hit upon a beauty – easy and delicious, and it may even make its way onto the Christmas menu. Mashed squash.

  1. Halve the squash, remove the seeds and cut into eighths
  2. Roast at 180 degrees with a sprinkling of cumin seeds for about half an hour
  3. Remove from the oven, allow to cool down slightly and remove the skins
  4. Add a knob of butter and a dash of milk and mash together

And this bit is where the magic happens…

Add a splash of brandy mix well, reheat and serve.

Went down a treat!

This would work well with sweet dumpling or butternut squash.


3 thoughts on “Brandy mashed squash

  1. Mmmm, I likes the sound of that. I must print this off and give it a bash one night when “she” is out and I can play in the kitchen. I like cooking, but these days I just don’t seem to have the time – which is a great shame.

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