Signs of spring

Wandering around the garden this week, I’m amazed at the change in just a week. Everything’s bursting into life, and here are a couple of pictures…





Plum blossom

Plum blossom





However, it’s not all good news… I put my beans out a tad early, and the frost seems to have zapped them. Note to self: it may be sunny but it ‘aint all that warm at night.

Onto Plan B I think…

Runner beans - frost damage

Runner beans – frost damage





2 thoughts on “Signs of spring

  1. I thought ‘ Wow, everything is looking great’ then to come crashing down to earth in the last photograph. Like us at the moment – quite pleasant during the day, but very cool to cold at night. actually, Herself had the heater on last night..

    • I think I may have to do next week’s article on the beans… It’s been really sunny here and wham! one night they copped it. Oh well… have planted more 🙂

      We’re just getting to the stage where we can turn our heating off…

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