The Hinckley Times

So… after a nudge from one of my blog followers, I got my bottom into gear and picked up the quill, so to speak .

Truth is, I’m a fair weather gardener – nothing much happens in the winter: everything’s slower to grow, and  the stuff that does do well aren’t favourites of my family. Does anyone actually like kale? Point made.

I wrote the first article of the year along the lines of “cooeee – I’m back!” and sent it off in the hope the chaps at The Hinckley Times would be able to find a little slot for me.

Trotting off to the corner shop a couple of Thursdays ago to secure my copy, I was flabbergasted and actually insanely chuffed that I’d not only made it to print… but there I was on the blooming front page! Happy times. I fair old skipped back home with a bit of a silly grin on my face, and it has to be said, I was annoyingly shiny for the entire day.

Hinckley Times fron page

Hinckley Times front page

The simplest of things can make me happy – from the first egg of the season, to some beans popping up…

What’s the last thing that made you ridiculously shiny for a while?

Here’s the rest of the article:

Gardening - spring is just around the corner

Spring is just around the corner



2 thoughts on “The Hinckley Times

  1. Summer is not quite finished with us yet and although it has been cool, it is not cool enough. Wind and heat and gum trees do not a good combination make, so I’ve spent much of my time giving the blowers a good workout. I have planted shallots, onions and lettuce and a few tomatoes and we will see what happens. I have also planted some native shrubs out in the front.. So, if you’re finished with winter, could we borrow it for a little while ??

    • You are more than welcome to some winter! Yesterday I was in a balmy greenhouse…. Today we have sleet and snow. Raised beds are the project for this year – the garden cannot take any more moisture.

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