DSC_1694 (Medium)

So, the UK appears to have come to a standstill… the schools are all shut, the kids are all out sledging, and the garden looks like it’s been suspended in time.  A garden in the snow…. hope you enjoy…

DSC_1692 (Medium)

Feed the birds… but as fast as you fill the feeders up, the snow comes down again and buries it.

DSC_1685 (Medium)

The Viburnum. Pretty in the frost… pretty in the snow.

DSC_1684 (Medium)

Branches full of the white stuff.

DSC_1690 (Medium)

Kale in the veg plot. One of the few things that’s actually growing at this time of year. I do actually think the stuff is indestructable!

DSC_1691 (Medium)

Banked up along the fence and the trellis…


4 thoughts on “Snow

  1. When you are up to your knees in snow and it’s cold, 43c and blazing sunshine looks good. Conversely,when you are sweltering in a 44c scorcher in the middle of a heatwave, a snow covered garden looks lovely.

    • I prefer the snow to intense heat any day. We visited Pompeii last year and the temperature was in the 40s – not an enjoyable experience.

      If the weather is cold, at least you can keep on layering up. There’s a limit to what you can take off in the heat…

    • Edgar… I am so touched you missed my warblings 🙂 Truth is, I had a massively busy time before Christmas – I went off filming for a UK gameshow (all still hush hush) for a week, then went to Orlando with work for a week, and the writing sort of slipped by the wayside. I also took a rest from the newspaper articles over Christmas, as not much is going on in the garden – even I can’t pad out “it’s a bit cold” every week. I’ve been mulling over a couple of ideas for this year’s stories, but not yet got around to putting finger to keyboard, so to speak – but your comment may be just the push I needed. So yes, all is well over on this side of the earth… still cold, nothing’s growing yet, but spring is on the way.

      Thanks for caring 🙂

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