So, imagine the scene. There I am, minding my own business, having a wander around our local garden centre, when the sign slapped me around the face like a wet fish.


My head knew perfectly well that there must be nigh on 100 packets of seeds in the shed, plus the ones I’m drying out, and there is no way on earth I have enough soil to put them all in.

My heart said, “Don’t listen to him… Just have a little look”.

So over I trotted with all good intentions of doing just that, and began scanning the packets. Mentally I was ticking them off my imaginary list and I was happy that indeed, I did already own a selection of veg vast enough to stock a small shop – providing they grew.

Then I spotted them. Like an oasis in the desert my beady eyes feasted upon a packet of Thompson and Morgan heritage seeds. These were different, I reasoned. I knew I definitely didn’t have any of these.  A quick rummage produced two more packets and without further ado I was now the proud owner of some Dreadnought broad beans, some Selma Zebra climbing beans and some Rouge Long de Florence onions. I allowed myself a moment of nostalgia, imagining a hazy image of me in my grandmother’s day, picking beans and onions to my heart’s content.

I have no idea what they grow or taste like, but everyone says that old fashioned veg tastes fantastic. Watch this space… I’ll let you know…


2 thoughts on “Heritage

  1. I’m with you all the way! I’ve swapped my handbag compulsion for seeds and plants (not much cheaper may I add) and handbags don’t die!
    What we really buy is a little packet of hopefulness!

    • It is getting ridiculous though – flowers take a back seat now… I’ve taken to just buying poppies and stuff and hope they will all pop up. There could be method though… if you keep putting enough stuff in, by the law of averages, SOMETHING has to grow! 🙂

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