Our first complete meal

Being on clay, our garden is having a slight issue with drainage. It’s actually reached saturation point now, and the vegetable plot is struggling slightly. Slightly may actually be an understatement… parts of the patch are now constantly under water. I’ve resigned myself to kissing some of the onions goodbye, but thought I’d have a cheeky look at the garlic I planted at the end of last year. The shoots above ground looked healthy enough, but it would only be a matter of time before the water took its toll and they rotted away.

Pulling on one of them, it slipped out of the ground with a satisfying slurp, and I was amazed to find quite a large garlic bulb at the end of it. With no time to lose, they were all up and out of the ground, and they are currently in the greenhouse drying out before I store them. According to the book you can lay them on the grass to dry, but looking at my lawn bog, I think not.

On a roll now, I decided to check on the spuds. I know of people who’ve had their first crop of early potatoes: mine were second earlies (International Kidney) and main crops (Cara) so there was every chance that some might be ready. Sticking my fork underneath one of the early plants, I gently eased one out of the ground, and am delighted to report there were actually decent-sized spuds in there. Fishing them all out and into my bucket, I soon had enough for dinner, and happily took them up to the house to wash them. Whilst doing this, I noticed that some had tiny holes in them, obviously caused by some grub or other. Making the executive decision to dig up the rest of the plants in the row before they all got chomped underground, I shot off back down the garden, wielding my trusty fork.

In no time at all, my bucket was full of lovely new potatoes, and I was feeling rather pleased with my haul. I topped it up with the broad beans that were ready, and plopped a cabbage on the top for good measure.

Swinging my bucket jauntily back to the house, I allowed myself a smug smile, as the day had finally arrived where we had enough produce from the garden to make an entire meal: we have hardly been ‘living off the land’ to date.

The other half and I then set about shelling the beans. As we weren’t due to eat them for another couple of hours, I wondered out loud if we had jumped the gun and they would lose their flavour at all between removing the pods and eating.

“Will they be alright in some water?” I asked.

The other half gave me a sidelong look and replied, “They’ve been in water all summer. I think they’ll feel quite at home…”

Our first complete meal

How’s everyone else doing with their growing? Any bumper crops to report?




8 thoughts on “Our first complete meal

  1. Well, it’s still winter here and although the rain has eased off a little it’s still cold and damp. I won’t see anything from my roses for a while but I have seen weeds – lots of them- appearing and growing almost overnight. It’s an on-going battle to try and keep them under control at the moment. Your spuds look good. I have not been able to do much because of the wet weather, but it can’t last forever – can it??

    • Our wet weather went on for a good 6 weeks. The ground could not physically take any more water… we are in for a sunny spell now though 🙂

      Why is it that weeds grow much more vigorously than plants? We have mare’s tail popping up all over the place. Oh well, keeps us out of mischief…

  2. I’m on clay too so my thoughts are with you 😉
    I’ve just harvested the last of my Broad Beans and some shallots… it’s the first year in my vegetable garden so I’m really pleased with anything that hasn’t drowned, got blown away or eaten by slugs!
    Mmmm those potatoes do look lovely!

    • They were indeed very tasty 🙂 We’ve had an onslaught of slugs too – the damp conditions have suited them just fine… We are nearly at the end of broad beans.

      I have a cunning plan. I’ve planted a load more beans and peas, some beetroots and turnips, and a bed of salad greens. Hoping the the plants won’t cotton on I’m a bit late, and I’ll get a crop of something or other later in the year…

  3. Well done!! …It’s a nice feeling (as well as a nice taste!) to know that everything on your plate has been grown by yourself…

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