By all accounts, while I was doing the day job and swanning around at a conference in London yesterday, it was Armageddon back home.

I breezed back late yesterday afternoon, to be greeted by my kids babbling on about the hailstones the size of golf balls.

“Pah!” I thought… surely the work of an overactive pair of teenage imaginations…

A trip down the garden told me otherwise. Big holes had been shot in the top of the chicken coop roof – happily the girls didn’t look worse for wear, and they’d still managed to squeeze out a couple of eggs between them. I think having Aggie for a flat-mate for so long taught them to be hard as nails…

My cabbages could now double as colanders, and the onions are yet again under water. We have holes in our shed roof, but that’s piffling compared to the holes in next door’s conservatory roof. The greenhouse got away unscathed, which I’m delighted about – I’ve heard stories where greenhouses have been smashed to pieces, so all in all, we seem to have weathered the mother of all storms fairly well.

The mother of all storms…

You wouldn’t fancy being donked on the head by one of these!…


6 thoughts on “Armageddon

  1. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have had the coldest, wildest and wettest start to winter in quarter of a century and there have been mini-tornadoes in Adelaide, which destroyed houses, sheds and garages. Strange weather. I wouldn’t fancy being conked anywhere by one of these let alone my wee head!!

      • Born in Stirling, brought up in the outskirts of Glasgow, moved to Australia with Wife and Children (two boys) in 1985. And no. we can’t remember anything like the last few years here in Australia. The weather is very strange.

  2. Sorry to read about all your storm damage. The weather is certainly weird again this year & not just in UK. We had extremely high winds again last night and the rain just keeps coming, no hailstones yet though. The last time I can remember so much rain over such a long period of time here was in 1986. Sunny Somerset, bah!! On the positive side, most of the cold weather crops love this weather.

    • I actually got off lightly… my friend down the road had 47 holes in her conservatory roof, another lost her greenhouse entirely, and another one’s car is covered in dents… and it had only just come out of the body shop.

      Summer can commence any time soon thanks :)…

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