Garden update

I was wandering around in the garden this afternoon, dodging the showers, and noted that although we are not overrun with produce at the moment (cabbage and lettuce are the definite exception), it won’t be long before we are spoilt for choice.

The new brassica bed was only created in April – look at it now!

Positively romping along…

One slight spanner in the works is that the purple sprouting broccoli seems to be, well… sprouting… surely this shouldn’t be happening…

Everything else is looking good though – the potatoes have started to form flowers, but I’ve dug one up and there are no spuds as yet. I quickly popped it back in the ground and it would seem no harm has been done.  I will just have to be patient…

I also have a couple of new additions to the garden. Wandering around the garden centre this morning, I couldn’t resist these little chaps, and at £3.99 each, they almost jumped into my trolley themselves!

The new additions are the little chickens… not the pots 🙂

All in all, it’s all coming together like a plan. Now if this rain would just stop for a bit, it would be perfect!


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