75% off

You could not make this up. Only a couple of days ago I wrote about our local hardware store having a half price sale on their seeds. Obviously it was an offer not to be refused, so in I trotted and filled my boots basket.

Well… I went into town at the weekend, and they are now at 75% off. Yes, 75% off! The force of the seed sale practically sucked me in off the street, and there I was again, buying a load of stuff that I a) probably already have and b) possibly do not need. But no matter… I’ve saved a massive £21 sqidaroonies!

They will be giving them away next week...

They will be giving them away next week…

In brief, I have peppers (salad and chilli), spring onions, peas, beans, cucumbers, carrots (2 sorts), basil, radish (to go with the four packets I already have), rocket and some random flowers.

I swear by next week they will be giving them out free at the door…


4 thoughts on “75% off

  1. Just a follow up from a previous post. I was down in the State Capital (Adelaide) last week and looked at metal buckets in the big hardware store. They were very nice, but not so nice that I will be willing to pay about 10 pounds each ($19:95), so, I think I will give that idea, great as it is, a bit of a miss for the moment.

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