Half price

Ambling round our local hardware store for some essential holiday toiletries, the seed display caught my eye. Happy days, the half price sale is ON!

Dismissing all thoughts of looking gorgeous on next week’s mini break with the girls, I dashed across like some woman posessed to see what was on offer. Conveniently forgetting about the hoard of seeds already camping out in the shed, this little lot happened to jump into my basket:

In brief – six varieties of tomatoes, rocket, spinach, sweetcorn, turnips, beetroot, onions, two kinds of peas, leeks, and oh, some flowers for good measure. All for about a tenner… you can’t say much fairer than that.

I updated the old spreadsheet, so I’ve got some clue about what goes in where and when. All I can say, is watch out next January!


One thought on “Half price

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