Who’d have thought buckets could be a thing of beauty. Let me explain…

A while back I came across a totally cool blog called Swoonworthy, where the author is renovating a house, and continually looking for ways to get pretty things on the cheap. In one post, there’s a garden makeover, involving some buckets, a shed and some plants, and I liked it so much I unashamedly pinched the idea….

First up, to find some buckets. I got mine from B&M bargains for just 99p each. Next, OH whipped out his trusty power tool (almost a Freudian slip there… I almost typed ‘trysty power tool’), and two holes were drilled into the bottom of them.

Next, off to our local, unbelievably cheap, garden centre, where we picked up some surfinia plants for about 50p each. We went for all the same colour, in a muted shade of lavendar.

Voila! For just over a fiver, I’m cock-a-hoop with our new planters… please feel free to share your own ‘pretty on the cheap’ ideas…

Ignore the trellis in this next one… it’s on the list to get some new bits. The old trellis fell apart in my hands when hacking down, pruning the wisteria…

new trellis on its way...

The buckets were simply hung with hooks – you can get them at any hardware store… simples 🙂


4 thoughts on “Buckets

  1. Buckets – never thought about that. But I have to say that I haven’t seen steel buckets around here for yolks. It’s mainly plastic buckets and out in the Australian sun all day they would just collapse. Next time I go down to Adelaide ( 4 hours and 300 miles away) I must remember to have a look.

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