A brand new vegetable plot

A while back we dismantled the trampoline as it wasn’t being used any more, and gave it away to some friends who would get much more enjoyment out of it.

We were still left with a massive pile of rubbish that I tried a couple of times to have a bonfire with, but with limited success. Happy to say though, that ‘The Great Fire’ finally took place last weekend, leaving the patch relatively clear for me to do something with.

First job was to get rid of the bits that didn’t burn – the brown bin men are going to LOVE me this week!

Clearing the patch

At the back of the patch was a ridge of clay which we dumped there when we dug out the pond. I had two options – either turn this into a rockery of some kind, or break it up. I decided on the latter, and merrily set to work chopping up the clay and spreading it out. I came across some massive roots from the tree that we used to have, so OH nipped out for a mighty axe, and they were soon history.

Finally I could get my rotovator out and have a whiz round with it.

An action shot

I discovered ‘aerobics for chickens’ too.  Any worms I came across got thrown onto the mesh roof of the run.  All three stood underneath it, and jumped up in a Ninja-type manner, trying to reach it. Eventually the worm dropped through the holes, and one lucky chicken would pick it up and scarper before the others could catch it.

Anyway,  a quick rake over and another couple of laps with the rotavator, and it was all looking rather good.

I then planted up a load of brassicas I’d started off in the greenhouse earlier in the year. We now have brussels, cauliflowers, and three types of cabbages growing in there.

My family are all cock-a-hoop…. they thought they’d seen the last of cabbage…


7 thoughts on “A brand new vegetable plot

  1. ooh that is great, any reclaimed land, however small, you can grow some crops on is a great step forward. Hope it gives you joy 🙂

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