We’re off to the Edible Garden Show!

I happened across the Edible Garden Show today, and am chuffed to be able to say that my friend and I are off there for a little trip out this weekend.

No strangers to garden shows, we’ve been to quite a few over the years. We prided ourselves at one time of being Geoff Hamilton’s own personal groupies, and it wasn’t unknown for us to visit the Gardener’s World Show at the NEC just to catch a glimpse of the legend himself. At some points I think we even convinced ourselves that we actually knew him, as we would chat gardening chat with wise words such as, “well, you know, Geoff said the best way to grow carrots was to….” blah blah blah.

On one occasion, we were avidly watching Gay Search doing a piece for telly, and I’m almost ashamed to say that throughout the entire performance, my friend and I were watching through the back of the garden display, with our heads poking through the trellis. We searched the recording of the next Gardener’s World show frame by frame, and, result! There we were, grinning stupidly in the background – how we laughed.

So this weekend should be fun. My friend doesn’t actually grow much veg, but she’s mad keen on all the other stuff, and knows the right way to prune shrubs etc, rather than my haphazard approach of ‘grab the shears and give it a good haircut!’ Oh, yes, I can see it now. She’ll have to bow to my wisdom when I start going on about borlotti beans vs runner beans, and early and late peas, and wondering sagely if indeed those parsnips are ‘Hollow Crowns’.

I’ll have to slightly overlook the point when her eyes glaze over and she impails herself on a garden fork….


5 thoughts on “We’re off to the Edible Garden Show!

  1. We don’t have garden shows. I think there is a Garden Club and an Orchid Society but that’s about it. I actually don’t like Orchids – they remind me of Triffids. I enjoyed this post – and no offence intended so please don’t take any – but reading it reminded me of the TV Show, Rosemary and Thyme :o)

  2. Gay Search is actually a person and not one of those internet dating sites? Ok I added the question mark for dramatic effect. Good luck at the weekend: I hope you get some nice pictures for the blog.

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