Relight my fire

This morning, the view from my kitchen window was this:

If you look closely, you’ll notice a rather unsightly, rather old trampoline down there. In case you missed it, here’s a closer look:

Now this trampoline has seen a lot of action in the past, but not so much in recent times – plus the fact, it’s become a bit of an eyesore. So, this morning I decided it was OUT!

The youngest came to help, and after much agitating, huffing, puffing and swearing (by me), we finally managed to dismantle it. I think I now have a bit of a job on to make this area fit for planting, but we’ll get there in the end:

To the left, out of camera shot, there is a load of old wood and plant bits that came out when we cleared the area for the greenhouse. Every other weekend I’ve tried to have a fire, to no avail. Now we had this lovely area clear, I decided that today was the day for the burning of the rubbish.

I had a quick gander over the fences for any signs of washing, and found none. Excitedly I built the fire stack, lit the match and the thing went up like a rocket. Oh yes – this was going to be a roaster, and would finally clear the debris off the bed that would soon be the spud patch.

I was merrily chucking stuff on, when the youngest ran down the garden and almost did a comedy slow motion “Nooooo!”

What could be the cause of this dramatic entrance, I wondered. “There’s washing out… over the back”, he informed me.

I then proceeded to extinguish the fire, but it had a good hold by now. As fast as I could put one part out, another was licking back into action – this was the bonfire that previously wasn’t having any of it.

I finally managed to snuff it out, and the re-lighting of my fire has been rescheduled for this evening.


7 thoughts on “Relight my fire

  1. Boy…green grass…. I wish! I just posted about our newest extra foot of of snow…and you’re ready to start a new garden plot!

    Thanks for the splash of green on a very white day…and for giving me another few minutes reprieve before getting the tractor going and starting to plow…..

    • I managed to cut the grass yesterday – took advantage of the fact it was dry. We’ve had a lovely sunny spring-like weekend, so it’s been great to get out into the garden and greenhouse.

      Our weather has been all over the place this year though, so we may well get more snow – or we could get a heatwave. I’ll just get out there whenever I can 🙂

  2. For most of last week the temperature was around the 40c mark. Yesterday (Sunday) it chucked it down. For us it has been an odd summer – warm, but windy, with the accessional bursts of heat – like last week. The warm and the heat I don’t mind too much but being surrounded by trees the wind really gets to me. Sweep up one day and the next day it’s just as bad. As kids we had two bonfires; one on Guy Fawkes night and another one the following day – along with more fireworks. The 6th November was my mum’s birthday. I’ve always liked a good bonfire but we’re not allowed them in Australia – at least not in this part of the Commonwealth.

    • We’re allowed them (I think!) but it’s courtesy to have them later in the day. I never got around to lighting it again, and it rained last night. So have to wait until the stuff dries out again…

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