The grand photo shoot… aka don’t give up the day job

When a friend of mine who’s quite handy with a camera offered to take some pics of me in the garden, I was quite flattered.

I did try to warn him that I’m the most unphotogenic person I know,  to the extent that we have a whole collection of family photos we affectionately call ‘the Gnus’. Namely, photos of me where my children have sneaked up on me and caught me on camera just turning round, just looking up, never looking my best, etc.

I do try to take a decent shot, but I’m just not wired up right. When I try to look ‘moody’, I just look plain grumpy, ‘sulty’ looks like I’m on the toilet, and full on smile looks like I’ve been let out for the day.

Undeterred, over he came at the weekend, with his big-job camera and tripod, and started snapping away. My outfit of choice was the gear that I normally garden in, as I reasoned this would make for more realistic shots. Not so. It purely confirmed to me that I need to invest in a new gardening cardi, as every bobble showed up with the ‘super lens’.

Then he did an arty little number whereby it looks like there’s three of me out there.

“Three?” another dear friend commented, “bet the other half’s not pleased… he can’t get a word in edgeways with one!”… Hilarious!

All hands on deck...

My favourite of the rest is the next one. Note to self: don’t look at camera, don’t try to pull a pose. It never works:

So, after viewing the end results, I’m rather pleased. True, he couldn’t ‘polish a turd’, but he had a blooming good go at ‘rolling it in glitter’!

The rest of the photos are on his website.


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