Sultry with spade

I  approached  my local paper a little while back to see if they could use any of my ramblings – last week they only came back and said, “Yes please”!

After the initial excitement and jumping around like a woman posessed, I then set to work to write the first article. Panic struck, as I searched and searched in the depths of my brain, and could find nothing. Not One Word. How the heck was I going to be a writer if I only knew ‘bleurgh’ and ‘blah’? That wasn’t enough to base a story on!

So, I had a cup of tea, gave myself a mental slap around the chops, and got back to it. Panic over – I found a few more words in there that I could string together.

The editor also wanted a couple of pictures to accompany the article, so off me and the other half went down the garden at the weekend for the grand photo shoot. I must confess I felt like a complete nelly – if you know me at all, you will know that I am not photogenic. At all.

After much larking around, during which time I sincerely hoped my neighbours weren’t going to appear pressed up against their bedroom windows, we managed to get one picture that was reasonably OK.

My friend is quite good at photo editing, and offered to brighten the picture up for me. I asked if he’d de-wrinkle me while he was at it, to which he replied, “I’m not that good”.



We also took this one, which didn’t get sent, and I shall simply call this work of art ‘Sultry with spade’. I don’t think that Kelly Brook needs to be too worried though…




14 thoughts on “Sultry with spade

  1. I’d say you’re wonderfully photogenic! And so is your garden! I’m sooo envious of that beautiful little greenhouse you’ve got… I may have to convince my dad to build me one of those…

    Congrats on being asked to write for the local paper. I’m sure you’ll find lots to say. 🙂

  2. I saw Pete on Monday in Rotherham and was telling him about your blog. 🙂
    The photo edit I did was only on a small photograph but it’s a shame you didn’t use it. Ah well..never mind.

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