First sign of life

Now that I’ve listed all my seeds, I’m hoping  this year is going to be a bit more technical  than ‘chuck it in, and hope it grows’ . Things will get planted in the right place, with the right partners, at the right time, and I really am going to try to be more organised, (she says!…).

According to ‘Ze Masterplan’,  January is the month for sowing tomatoes, aubergines and early carrots. These were all dutifully sown in the greenhouse a couple of weeks ago. I also popped in an extra tray of overwintering peas, as I’m not convinced the ones under cover in the garden are going to be much cop come the springtime.

Since the grand sowing, I’ve been up and down the garden more times than I care to mention, checking the temperature and firing up the heater  to  keep the frost out .  I’m banking on being so overrun with veg this year that I’ll be powering a small shop.

Anyway, I checked the trays this morning, and I have exciting news to report. Brace yourselves people…. drum roll please….I have a carrot! Yes, you heard correctly – One. Whole. Carrot!

Behold the miracle... the first vegetable of 2012

This, my friends, is the first vegetable of 2012 popping its little head up – an exciting landmark of the new year.  (If you need a clue, he is on the left, about halfway up… yes, I know he’s small…). I’m going to take good care of him, and try to make sure he doesn’t suffer the fate of the dreaded carrot fly.

If nothing else, we will have a tasty addition to a portion of salad.


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