Taking the pea…

I planted my overwintering peas (Douce Provence) in guttering, under cover in September. I know I was early, but if you recall, September was a really wintery, cold month, and I just thought that they would never rumble me. – plus the fact that I’m too impatient for my own good and want results NOW!

Along came October and it was the real deal ‘Indian Summer’ we get promised every year. I, for one, was actually on Skeg Vegas beach in my cozzie on the 1st October, but let’s not dwell too much on that thought.

Yesterday, I trotted off down the garden to see if the peas needed a water, threw back the cloche with a flourish, and I have to say, I could not believe my eyes.  There is only a blooming pea pod on there – what’s that all about? Now I have a tense winter of tending to said peas, which for all I know, may have ‘pea’-ked too early.

Have these pea-ked too early?

A backup plan swiftly came into play. I’ve sown a tray of peas in the greenhouse. If they all take, we’ll be having shares in Bird’s Eye!



3 thoughts on “Taking the pea…

    • I may well have enough for both of us! That’s the thing with veg growing – you either end up with barrows of the stuff (currently kale and cabbage in my case) or hardly anything. We were often playing ‘hunt the beetroot’ last year. The OH wouldn’t even call them beetroot – he referred to them as ‘swollen seeds’ 🙂

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