To heat… that is the answer

After umming and ahhing and weighing up the pros and cons of heating the greenhouse, I’m happy to report that I’m now the proud owner of a Superwarm 4.

Last night’s frost had wriggled its way into the greenhouse, so I was greeted this morning by a fine layer of ice on the inside. Not, I would imagine, the best morning call for my seeds that I’d planted in there last weekend.

Decision made, I shot off into town this morning to snaffle up a paraffin heater that I’d spotted in Wilko’s before Christmas. £25 smackeroonies, which  seemed a fair price to pay if it meant that the plants survived the winter – or maybe even got a head start.

Well, imagine my delight to find the very last one in the shop – and at half price. £12! For the price of a few bottles of wine, I’ve  now got a sub-tropical paradise in my garden. I imagine I’ll soon be growing bananas and all sorts down there, and fully anticipate tomatoes the size of melons.

I kid you not... that half price sticker is the real deal








7 thoughts on “To heat… that is the answer

  1. Getting that heater at half price is a fantastic result! Just to note here that I actually get FREE bottles of wine off my dad who grows his own grapes….in his own greenhouse :o)

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