Releasing my inner ‘nerd’

I think I may have done it this time. I will wear my ‘nerd’ crown with no shame…

If you’ve read my blog in the past, you’ll be aware that I’m a slight fan of the Wilkinson’s end of season seed sale. I rush in at the end of summer, battling past all who cross my path, and exit the shop with packet upon packet of seeds; some of which I’ve never eaten/fancied/tried…. but they were CHEAP!

Hence, I’d amassed a mighty array of seeds in the potting shed. There was no order to my collection – my purchases were all rattling around in a drawer together. I hadn’t a clue what was in there, so last year a lot of time was spent idly flicking through the packets and planting stuff randomly. Maybe that would explain why my beetroot never reached their full potential… perhaps they were a couple of months late going in.

So, in a bid to be more organised, I have compiled a spreadsheet of all my seeds. Yes, you heard that correctly… a seed database, no less! I got a bit carried away with the detail, but now I can see at a glance what I have, how big it grows, when to plant it, whether it’s a vegetable or a flower – I’ve even colour coded what vegetable bed it goes in, and everything’s in alphabetical order!

This year will not be a case of ‘shove it in and hope it grows’ – oh no… I’ll be gardening with the precision of a military operation.

How I have changed…

This is only part of the spreadsheet. It goes on further, but I couldn't get it all on the screen shot


8 thoughts on “Releasing my inner ‘nerd’

  1. Awesome! Love it! We have done that too (gulp) don’t forget to leave a column for feedback on performance, flavour and yield, we never filled ours out (too busy making salsa), but it’s an idea anyway. The year we did it, we grew about 40 varieties of tomato and about the same in outrageously hot pepper (for the two of us!!) …Ok I better stop now. Nerd alert! Glad I am not the only one anyway. Gotta go a pore over my seeds packets now. I may not have enough. πŸ˜‰

  2. Great idea! You might also want to record the “sow-by” date for each packet – some seeds don’t remain viable for more than a year (e.g. parsnips). I hardly ever use up all the packet of seeds in one go, so, because I can’t bear to throw them out, I save them for next time – and have been caught out several times by failed germination!

    • Thanks for that tip – will add it in. I never really thought that the seeds knew what year it was – but not been doing this as long as you πŸ™‚ Incidentally, I let some parsnips go to seed last year, and have saved this – be interesting if they take.

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