Runner beans made easy

Don’t tell him, but I think I’ve found the ideal Christmas present for my father in law. He’s a bit strapped for space in his garden, but LOVES runner beans.

So – we got him….

a reusable runner bean bag. He’ll be able to grow beans to his heart’s content, and move them around the garden to catch the best of the rays.


They will be handy to screen that unsightly corner behind the shed, or he can shuffle them to outside the conservatory – he’ll be picking beans whilst reading the paper!


If the beans get really tall, the bathroom’s just above, so he’ll be able to take a shower and pinch out the tips simultaneously.  The bag’s reusable, so it will make an appearance year after year, and I’ve even saved some bean seeds from this year’s crop to get him started.


What a tip, top, versatile present – and kind to the planet too!


I want one 🙂






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