A veritable glut of tomatoes

I was reliably informed that my tomatoes were not going to ripen now, and the best thing to do was to bring them in.

With this in mind, I dashed off down the garden this morning to do a bit of harvesting. Do you remember the massive tomato plants I grew at the bottom of the garden? They have never been watered, fed, trimmed or tied, but managed to produce about 5 kilos of tomatoes – all of them green. The more I hacked through the plant, the more tomatoes I found – there was even a hidden supply dangling over next door’s!

None of us really fancy the idea of green tomato chutney, so I’ll try to ripen them inside between sheets of newspaper.

If they all ripen, we’ll be looking like tomatoes by Christmas!

How many tomatoes???


2 thoughts on “A veritable glut of tomatoes

  1. I still have tomatoes ripening outdoors on the patio. Not too many left but they are still going strong and as the weather is supposed to be quite mild this week I’m leaving them to it for a while longer.

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