Winter peas… a tad premature

Alright, alright… I know the book (and seed packet) said to sow my overwintering peas in October, but I just couldn’t wait – and the weather was very Octobery anyway.

I’ve always had a theory that seeds don’t know what month it is (or they’d be used as visual aids on calendars), or indeed how deep they are planted. Think about it – if a seed knew ‘depth’, they would have been a cheap alternative to a miner’s canary…

So anyway, the peas went in, the polytunnel went on, and every one of them germinated. Happy times. Then we had an Indian summer. The weather warmed up, the polytunnel came off, and I swear the plants now think they are on some sort of mini break.

Polytunnel: off (for now)

Now I have a dilemma. At some point I’m going to have to cover them up again (at this point the polytunnel will have been on and off more times than Cheryl and Ashley Cole) – so what season will the peas think they are in? The crop next year should be a telling one…


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