Tommy Two Sheds – part two

Shed 1 - at the top of the garden

The sheds are up and painted, and I have to admit I’m rather pleased with them. This one at the top of the garden keeps the bikes all nice and dry and  the one at the bottom of the garden is full of, well gardening stuff really – tools, chicken food, onions etc.

The ‘fence’ to the side of the shed is actually the roof off the arbour that we demolished, and the chair is a patio chair that went rotton – needs a smaller plant though. The door was painted by a teenage boy who thought paint would ‘wash off’ the slabs… why would it do that? It’s paint… it’s in its nature to be a bit sticky.

The tomato plant is my ‘test’ plant. After being told for so long what to do and what not to do with tomatoes – pinch the tops, pinch the shoots, blah de blah, I’ve left a couple of plants to just ‘do their own thang’, and we’ll see what we get. I actually think these plants look a lot happier than their relatives on the patio. It’s almost like the posh kids are at the top of the garden, and the feral cousins with their snotty noses are whooping it up down the bottom.


2 thoughts on “Tommy Two Sheds – part two

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