Just call me ‘Tommy Two Sheds’

The ‘cheap’ second hand bikes we have bought in an effort to be ‘greener’ have  turned out a tad more expensive than we thought. We now needed a shed to keep them in. As the tatty shed at the bottom of the garden is currently full of gardening tools and onions, we ordered a new one on line.

The tatty old arbour

We moved the old tatty arbour last weekend, and will reuse as much of it as we can for trellis and the like.

I think that an insomniac delivery man who can move things only with the power of his mind brought the new shed, as it arrived at 7am, and we never heard a thing. On trying to lift it, at best we would have expected a few grunts, as it was blooming heavy!

A welcome break into the 'outside place'

I found it in the kindness of my heart to give the boys a welcome break from all that X-boxing and Facebooking they are doing in the holidays – I set them to work painting it a lovely sagey green colour. They were thrilled 🙂

Et Voila! Tommy Two Sheds is born!

Said shed was built last night, and enough finished off to keep out  the rain that was forecast in the night. Mission accomplished. Just a few bits to complete the job tonight, and ‘Tommy Two Sheds’ was born!


3 thoughts on “Just call me ‘Tommy Two Sheds’

  1. What a fabulous shed – love the colour. My ‘grown up’ son talked us into buying a metal shed a couple of years ago – he said he’d help us put it up.

    It’s still in the garage – in he defence he lives 100 miles away and works all hours. He put his shed up and it looks lovely!

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