It’s either the dogwood or me!

The dogwood is in the middle - all this area will be landscaped with a greenhouse on the top

Well… not quite. But the enormous dogwood does need to go, to make room for the lovely new greenhouse. Although I hacked it to within an inch of its life last week, we knew there would be masses of roots underneath, as the thing is now about 5ft across.

The other half and I marched down the garden at the weekend to tackle the beast. My friend even turned up in her ‘old’ trainers (Superdry, don’t you know!) to lend a hand. Basically, we scratched our heads, paced around for a bit, and made the executive decision that letting it grow out of control for the past 16 years perhaps wasn’t the best thing to do, and that there was no way we were getting it out. So we’re going to hire a  ‘man what can’ (same handy chap who felled the impossible tree a few weeks ago).

This fence is out

The fence between the veg plot and the new area still needed to come down, so we concentrated our efforts on that instead. When the other half announced he needed his big spanner to release the metposts. I guffawed, “the big spanner for your enormous nuts?!!” How we laughed…

Anyway, with the garden now looking like a complete bombsite, we collectively decided that our work was done for the day, and to reward ourselves with four large jugs of mint mojitos, which went down a storm on a hot afternoon!


2 thoughts on “It’s either the dogwood or me!

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