The girls got their mansion

After much pacing, measuring and nipping out for supplies, the other half was on a mission to get the new, improved chicken run built and finished, and get the girls settled into their new home.

The inspiration behind this was me deciding I was having a wooden greenhouse, so the chickens had to move so I could plan the next assault on the garden. So… whilst he was sawing and assembling in one part of the garden, I was merrily chopping down shrubs twice my height, and ripping out plants that I liked last week, but you know what? They are so yesterday!

After a solid day’s work, the chicken run was complete, a section of the garden was almost empty and the last job was to get the girls into their new pad. Easier said than done. Aggie and Winnie (our original non-laying-except-for-the-occasional-soft-jobbie hens) are tame, so they were a doddle.Β  Mildred and Maud are slightly skittier. I reached into the run and bingo! Took Maud unawares and triumphantly carried her off down the garden, with a smug look on my face that said “Oh yes, I’m a natural… I’m a chicken whisperer!”.

After a couple of false starts of reaching in for Mildred and her just running up to the other end out of reach, I reasoned that she

The new, improved chicken run

would be easier to catch if we let her out of the run. Hence the next hour was spent herding, chasing and cajoling a chicken up and down the garden, whilst trying to avoid an unhappy incident of her falling in the pond. Eventually we got her though, and the girls are now in Mansion le Chook.


7 thoughts on “The girls got their mansion

  1. To be fair, the other half had built the right hand panel with the opening before – we had to assemble all the rest though. And it did take all day πŸ™‚ But worth it, as the chooks are making very happy, clucky noises

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